9 Ways To Draw a Person by Sasha Svirsky



Sasha Svirsky is an animator who is based in Moscow. He graduated with a degree in painting, but later taught himself the ins and outs of animation. Svirsky has made short animated films consistently since 2008. His filmography now boasts seventeen animations — an impressive output of self-initiated projects. 9 Ways to Draw a Person is a short film that was made a couple of years ago, but which has recently premiered online in full on Vimeo.

The animated short is an energetic and eclectic mix of nine fast-paced segments of animations. Each section suggests an approach one can take to drawing a person. The animation is an ever-morphing conglomeration of hand-drawn wandering lines that form into a figure, or a bird, and shimmering bricolage of a face. Svirsky’s method is spontaneous, building up animations as he goes. It requires years of work to be able to make improvisation look effortless and it is his ongoing practice that has produced such a lightness of touch.

9 Ways to Draw a Person is a poetic, playful exploration of drawing. It splits the short into 9 sections, punctuated by statements that could be taken as prompts. The animator proposes that you could “draw a person the way a bird would speak, or the way a bird chirps,” or, “if you want to or need to you can draw a person as a little pin,” for example. A sweet, refreshing piece of work. Find more from Sasha Svirsky here.