Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop’s House for a Young Family




Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop is an architecture collective founded in Budapest in 2012. It is headed by Lukács Szederkényi and Dénes Emil Ghyczy. Their projects range from conceptual structures, such as the Danube Chapel, a tin chapel dedicated to the water of the Danube river, to very functional residential projects. The studio’s main concern when developing new work is in addressing the relationship between people and buildings. They are interested in creating spaces of comfort and balanced connection between the person and their environment. So, even though a house design may appear to be very practical, almost austere, they simaltaneously manage to be very inviting and warm. An excellent example of the epitome of comfort is their Wool House — this small building utilises three basic materials: wool for walls, wood for the structure, and tin for the roof. Inside, there is a enough space for only one person to sit on a stool attached to the door, or to stretch out on the felted mat. The tiny, cosy space creates a soft, insulated get-away from the world, a space of luxurious solitude. We could all use an isolation chamber to hide away from devices and other people once in a while. The project was designed in collaboration with Marton Low for the Hello Wood festival.

House for a Young Family is the architecture studios’s latest residential commission. This humble abode is located in Csömör, Hungary. The designers have taken an interesting approach to creating privacy in this home. From the street level, it almost looks like a rough concrete block shed. Two small windows and a door are the only incisions into the impenetrable grey wall of this fortress. Inside is a totally different story. A warm wooden interior envelops the airy space, and big arched windows look out onto a lush hidden garden. The communal area is open plan, though the architects maintain that the space can be divided into three different rooms. This may be necessary once the baby of the family gets older, and their crib in the cosy corner of the living room is no longer big or private enough. The house is a haven for a new, nesting family who need to build their new identities and relationships as a unit in a safe, loving space. The materials used in the project are refreshingly hardy and affordable, making a truly feasible first home at a time when many are struggling to afford one. Find more projects from Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop here, and keep up to date with their experiments and workshops on Instagram.

Photographs © Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop