Artfest12…. it's on it's way!



Sometimes you watch something and the feel of it just makes you want to be there. This teaser clip promoting Artfest12 is definitely doing that for us!

Artfest12 is a 3 week event happening this July in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the line up for the event is looking pretty good. Workshops including Micro Cinema, Concept Art, Alternative Photographic Processes, Storytelling from the Underground, Worlds of Music and Modular Mixed Media are only a few of the workshops from the growing programme you can be apart of. Awesome.
It's not only these that are appealing, it's whats captured in the promotion clip above. The essence of Santa Fe is translated perfectly here. Santa Fe has an amazing creative history, but it's also interesting in terms of its environmental and cultural geography. Plus it's a little hippy which we like! It's these things plus the huge creative learning potential of Artfest12 that makes us want to be part of this.

The best thing is, we are!!…. The winner of Frontier's current Loop competition will win an all expenses paid trip to Artfest12! It's awesome and we're really excited about it. This event is open to anyone however, not just the lucky winner, so if you fancy a bit of creative zen time…. then head here and check out all the details.