Beyond by EGYD Studio



BEYOND is a self-initiated visual tale by design studio EGYD. The film explores basic human fears in an abstract, futuristic world. Life, loss, separation, loneliness and decay are visualised in deep, rich-black cosmic spaces and deserted cityscapes. It’s a mysterious world we’re inhabiting, with no clear narrative bar a lone shrouded figure and a sense of emptiness that connects us through the various scenes.

EGYD are a design studio that combines a love of 3D with bold graphic design. It’s a merging of media that the print world has yet to fully embrace, but one that can prove for striking results. BEYOND’s style is super contemporary with bold outlined type, linear graphics and overlaid crops. The 3D follows a similarly contemporary feel. EGYD use a restrained camera within dramatic, cinematic environments full of sculptural elements and intense scale.

BEYOND is only one of EGYD’s stellar portfolio, see more of their work here.