Bittersweet by Noma Bar



Noma Bar is the king of double-take design. The Israel-born graphic designer, illustrator and artist has created work for some of the worlds leading publishers and brands alike. Together, Bar has illustrated over 100 magazine covers, published over 550 illustrations and released three books of his work. His latest, Bittersweet delves into the breadth of the artists work, using his life as a means of exploration.

Bar’s illustrations are known for their direct, simple form of communication. However behind the simplicity deceptively lies a second narrative that emerges from within the negative space. Holly doubles as a snowman, a pen becomes a woman, a rabbit popping out of a hat also protrudes like a penis. It’s this play of form and image that makes his work so engaging.

Bar began his career 15 years ago by sending postcards with his illustrations to The Guardian and Time Out, publications that both responded with a string of commissions. It’s these key moments in his career that direct Bittersweet. The new book – published by Thames and Hudson – presents a visual autobiography of Bar’s life and work and gives a glimpse into the life, wit and creative workings of this remarkable artist.

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