Bloomberg Pursuits by Six & Five Studio



Buenos Aires is proving to be a burgeoning hub of 3D and motion graphics focused studios. We have written about exciting work from 2Veinte, Molistudio and Six & Five in the past. From what we have seen, the 3D work coming from Argentina is of great quality, meticulous detail and often bursting with bright colour and sleek, shiny surfaces.

Six & Five are particularly good at rendering realistic objects and environments. Their surface treatments are outstanding and they skilfully tackle the simulation of materials like glass and metals to produce life-like objects. Here, a deft manipulation of light is integral to creating a realistic effect.

Six & Five demonstrated these skills particularly effectively in a feature they were invited to art direct for luxury magazine Bloomberg Pursuits. The feature highlighted ten items touted as must-buys of the summer season. The objects of desire range from furniture to clothing and accessories. Each of them receives royalty treatment from Six & Five, being presented in an elaborately designed environments that engage with the viewer's imagination, prompting us to delve into the fantasy world that could be ours, if only we take the plunge and purchase these items. Each of the images is a seductive exercise in visual trickery. What look like photographs at first, are actually compositions fully rendered using using 3D technologies. Even the items for sale are recreated in this way, further blurring the line between reality artifice, always a tenuous distinction in advertising.

Find more from Six & Five here. And check out their Behance page for this particular project for insight onto their process too.