Close Contact



Close Encounters is a collaborative series between Norm Architects co-founder Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Kinfolk director Nathan Williams and Sorensen Leather.

The exhibition took place inside the Kinfolk Gallery in Copenhagen and explored the simplicity of geometric form against the human body. Tight, abstract crops were shot by Bjerre-Poulsen that detail the richness of human skin mirrored by the richness of their leather counterparts. Light hair, straining muscles and subtle dimpling are so perfectly captured it initiates a desire to touch. The geometry of the accompanying leather balls references the roundness and undulation of the human body, as well as a deeper connection to the minute organisms that make up the very nature of us. It’s this symbolism and the rich, earthy tones that capture a underlying quality that feels primordial, reaching back into what the core of the human body entails - it’s connection to the earth, as well as to the cosmic - for we are all just matter after all, matter entwined in the earth and stardust.