Complicated by Mura Masa



The video for “Complicated” is a recent release from Guernsey-born precocious music producer Alex Crossan, who goes by the stage name of Mura Masa. At the age of 21, he has a mixed tape, an EP, and a Grammy-nominated album to his name. He has collaborated with names like A$AP Rocky, Charli XCX, Bonzai, and Daniel Albarn. “Complicated”  features on the producer’s eponymous album. This track is utterly addictive, thanks not only to Mura Masa’s talents, but to Nao, who steals the show. If you haven’t heard Nao’s electric, yet honey-smooth voice yet, your ears are missing out. The London singer-songwriter emanates sparkling “wonky funk” (her self-described music style) radiant with undulating grooves and dancefloor-worthy beats.

The result of the collaboration between Mura Masa and Nao fits in perfectly into either artist’s oeuvre. “Complicated” puts Nao’s magic voice to the forefront, while Mura Masa elevates the catchy chorus to anthem-like quality. Tingle-inducing tinkling synths and drums that echo the Caribbean keep up a light, buoyant tempo throughout.

The video is directed by Yoni Lappin, a music video director who has worked on a number of Mura Masa’s tracks. Lappin’s videos often feature a rotating cast of characters — London’s youth hanging out, loving, drinking, skating. He has developed a signature aesthetic that captures the hopeful, yearning spirit of youth. The videos’ nostalgic linger is a sensitive compliment to the emotion Mura Masa evokes in his tracks. Be sure to check out all of these artists — if you like one on=f them, you are likely to fall for the other two too.

Also, check out the live version of the track, which is beautifully directed and produced by Will Dohrn.