David Abrahams’ enigmatic photography



David Abrahams is a photographer who carries over a unique atmospheric spirit across all of his work. He primarily works for fashion and editorial clients, having photographed for prominent establishments such as AnOther Magazine, Vogue, Dazed Media, and Burberry. Abrahams also does shoots at various locations, capturing a keen sense of place, that still maintains his special touch.

It is difficult to describe the enigmatic quality of Abrahams’ work. There seems to be a sense of depth, texture, and history that is not common in contemporary photography. It feels like his photographs, be they of an anonymous car, or a composition advertising luxury products, contain a rich history within their frame. A warm enveloping feeling, like coming back to your childhood haunts after being away for years. This magic may be due to Abrahams’ long history with the medium. He started taking photographs at the age of 13, working with film and developing photographs in the dark room. This kind of experience lends a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the medium, whether he work in film or digital these days.

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