Empire City by Büro Ole Scheeren



Empire City is a spectacular ensemble of high-rise towers and public spaces which will soon become the focal point of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The project by Büro Ole Scheeren marks the companies first expansion into Vietnam, which it does by sculpting a symbiotic vision of nature and living within the space of the city

Situated on a central peninsula of the Saigon River, the project will generate an integrative environment that fuses natural landscape with the rapidly growing metropolis. As a result, new qualities of urban living will emerge in this mixed-use environment of work, life, culture, entertainment and public enjoyment.

Three skyscrapers will soar above a mountain-shaped, garden-like podium, with the central Empire 88 Tower reaching a height of 333 meters. Its 88 floors will encompass residences, apartments, a hotel and a public observation deck. Breaking open the shaft of the tower and projecting vertical gardens at towering heights, the expressively undulating platforms of the ‘Sky Forest’ will elevate the podium’s urban landscape into the sky. Hovering terraces will cantilever in manifold directions around the tower’s central axis, reaching out into the urban context and the peninsula’s natural surroundings as a gesture of reconciliation between the city and the countryside.

The ‘Sky Forest’, with its alluring interplay of interior and exterior, will create a magical journey through Vietnam’s tropical landscape. Densely populated with a variety of local plant species and water features, the multi-level experience will give breathtaking views across Ho Chi Minh City and the Saigon River, accessible to the tower’s residents and the public alike.


via: Wallpaper.com and buro-os.com