In a Lonely Place



I've been a fan of Gregory Crewdson for a while now. He is someone that my students have constantly been drawn to and I can understand why. His photographs are cinematic, powerful and mysterious. They take on reality and twist it all up until it looks like an eerie shadow of its former self. Mundane situations take on nightmarish qualities and tension builds within each shot.

Crewdson uses very specific and labour intensive lighting to create these psychological landscapes, the clip I've included above gives you an insight into just how committed the artist is to creating that 'perfect moment of grace.' All sorts of parallels can be made to directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch in terms of their inarguable talent for the heightening of suspense. What particularly interests me is how alone each of these figures are. Often they are placed within a domestic setting but a wall of silence seems to isolate them from the other sitters, a definite nod to the American Realism of Edward Hopper.

Since graduating from Yale University in 1988 with an MFA Crewdson has exhibited widely in the States and in Europe. He has published numerous books and is represented by the Gagosian Gallery in New York. If you want to witness the cold beauty of Crewdson's images and live in NZ then you can go and see his exhibition In a Lonely Place at City Gallery Wellington until September the 8th. This is one you don't want to miss!

Renee Barker