Inverscape - a unique spatial quality



We like this because....

Well, this is really a very romantic story about the possibilities of creative collaboration. Firstly, let us start at the beginning at a London Cafe called 'Tina, we salute you'.

Tina, We Salute You started life as a cupcake stall in UpMarket just off Brick Lane.  From these humble beginnings they have blossomed into one of Dalston's greatest cafes.

Integrate is an international architectural studio, located in London. Regulars at Tina, the team at Studio Integrate asked many months ago, if they could be let loose at the cafe.

Inverscape is the installation Studio Integrate came up with. It is an architectural showcase that uses only the ceiling.

For those interested, the official word is 'Inverscape is an installation comprised of a draping fabric system, synthesising dynamic computational design and behaviour analyses with physical material experiments, to achieve innovative and unique spatial quality. It is made of a nylon mesh the is suspended between two layers of translucent frames. The top layer acts as the boundary frame and the bottom layer is hanging, generating the form via applying the self-weight into the fabric. Applying a second layer of differentiated patterns on both fabric and frames enhances the quality of light modulation, creating a dynamic interior condition.'