Katya Dorokhina's Future



Katya Dorokhina occupies the quirky side of illustration that I love. Her bright coloured works fill a flat, 2D space with vibrance and noise. Her work has deservedly garnered her a lot of attention, with commissions for top brands such as Interview Magazine, Esquire Russia Wonderzine, Colorama, and her wonderful work for the H&M’s collaboration with Kenzo.

Illustrations for the Polytechnic Museum is a recent project that showcases Dorokhina’s illustrations. The Polytechnic Museum is one of the oldest science museums in the world, located in Moscow that emphasizes the progress of Russian and Soviet technology and science, as well as modern inventions and developments. Dorokhina’s work for the institute’s journal documents various aspects of technological advancement as chapter sections. Her illustrations are ‘futuristic’ in a tongue and cheek kind of way. They’re playful, engaging and with a deceptive amount of detail that allows the eye to continue to discover. “I like contrast, bright neon colours, glitchy effects,” Katya describes. “I try to keep shapes simple, but compensate with colour and details – I’m obsessed with details and can spend a lot of time on tiny little pieces. In my opinion they create a mood for the whole piece.”

Working through from sketch into photoshop allows Dorokhina the freedom to play with various  palettes and brushes creating a heavily textural aesthetic. One that works hand in hand with the 2D plane that she operates on and gives a quirky sense of depth despite it.

All images courtesy of Katya Dorokhina