KGDVS Solo House takes on a circular form



The “Solo Houses” is a long-term project by luxury developer Christian Bourdain. The projects sees Bourdain commission a number of young, innovative architects to create new, visionary architectural structures that reimagine out preconceptions of what a house is. Logan wrote about the first completed house four years ago here. The goal is to build 15 in total. All the houses will be located at a 100 hectare site in Matarraña, bordering Catalonia and Valencia. More than simply an architectural park for the display of progressive designs, “Solo Houses” also functions as a suite of holiday homes that can be rented and experienced by those fortunate enough to afford them. Visitors are assured that, despite the growing number of abodes, each will stand alone to afford an experience of being removed from contact with the outside world, at peace with the surrounding nature.

The second of the Solo Houses was built this earlier this year. While the first resembled a concrete box from afar, this house take an idiosyncratic circular form. Designed by Belgium architects Office KGDVS (Kersten Geers David Van Severen), the building harbours numerous dualities in a surprisingly tranquil structure. The living spaces are arranged around four segments of the donut-like shape, with a courtyard in the middle. But the house’s most unique feature is perhaps in the walls. Floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors can open up the spaces to the elements, or enclose them into indoor rooms. Further, mesh screens can be drawn around the windows to provide privacy and shelter from the sun, and gauze curtains add an additional optional layer. The inhabitants have free reign to decide how much shelter they require, and what from. The traditional nature of the interior spaces lends them to embrace a rather minimalist aesthetic when it comes to furnishings and fixtures. This approach complements the house’s hardy construction materials of glass, concrete, and steel. A place to come for true focus and relaxation. Keep an eye on more houses as they are being developed on the project website here.