Ladies & Gentlemen Studio



Ladies & Gentlemen Studio ticks a lot of boxes for me when it comes to product design. Playful objects, simple shapes used to create interesting compositions, and plenty of copper and brass—they do it well. The Seattle based studio was founded in 2010 by Dylan Davis and Jean Lee, and has had a successful life since. The young couple has been featured in countless publications and blogs, both online and in print. Their products are stocked in boutiques all over the world, as well as heavy-weight stores like Anthropologie and Dwell. It's no wonder—they produce an impressive variety of objects that include refreshing takes on old classics, like the lounge chair, alongside more kooky creations, like paw-shaped salt and pepper shakers.

Ladies & Gentlemen describe themselves as a ‘design studio with a focus on exploration and play’. This is no simple PR talk, their experimental approach is clearly responsible for the ingenious things they come up with. A lot of the objects they create are combinations of basic shapes and visually rich, lustrous materials. Their collections of wind and balance studies are playgrounds for trying out pairings of materials and proportions. They are beautiful design objects in their own right, but this sculptural quality also translates to their more practical creations.

Shape Up is a modular system of perfectly matched pendants that can be hung at whatever height the owner pleases, and look more like an art installation that functional lights. Forward/Slash is another piece that disguises its function by it's aesthetic appeal. The lamp functions as a sculptural object that interacts with sunlight, throwing shadows onto the wall during the day, and emits light during the night. Ladies & Gentlemen even manage to transform a simple corner shelf into a wonder by turning it into an optical illusion using mirror and glass.

You can browse their online store for more wishlist-worthy items here and follow their workshops and visits around U.S here.