LOTS (Living On The Sand) by Six N. Five



Six N. Five are a 3D design studio with a difference. Born in Buenos Aires, and now based in Barcelona, the studio was founded by Andy Reisinger and Ezequiel Pini. After several busy years, Six N. Five boasts a large portfolio of commercial work, diluted with a good dose of creative exploration. This year has been busy with installations in collaboration with the likes of Nike, and Studio Urquiola. Self described as explorers of the frontier zones between art and design, the Six N. Five designers specialise in creating slick, impeccable, and stylish CGI imagery. It would be easy to mistake much of their work for high quality studio photography, but everything is created in 3D software.

Six N. Five’s commercial portfolio includes a mix of luxury objects, advertising, and detailed interiors. We have covered a couple of their projects in the past: Spend for Bloomberg and The Gift Hotel for Massimo Dutti. LOTS (Living On The Sand) is self-initiated, experimental piece of work. Here, the studio has used the shapes of individual grains of sand as inspiration. It turns out that sand granules can considerably vary in shape, colour, and size — sand is, after all, made up of a variety of rocks and minerals. It can include quartz, igneous rock, the ancient remains of sea life, and even precious stones. Six N. Five have taken advantage of the full spectrum of these possibilities to build a series of abstract structures, which include the odd functional object — see if you can spot them all. A simple but effective way to garner inspiration for practicing one’s skills.

Check out the studio’s Tumblr for some insights into works in progress, and their prolific Instagram account for more.