Love Is Korea



Snask is, as they put themselves, a kick ass agency hailing from Sweden. On surveying their work, it’s pretty clear that they're not far wrong as the amount of quality work that’s present in their portfolio is quite impressive. On top of that, and only based on their communication style, they seem like all-round great people with an attitude that is fun and fresh.

Recently, Icon Magazine approached Snask to do a rebrand of any world brand for a feature in the magazine. The team at Snask chose their dream project, North Korea. The result is a new identity for the restricted country that links to it’s heritage with an added element of optimism!

Love Korea is the new brand proposition by Snask to the dictatorship of North Korea. The entire project is being offered up to the country, along with the service to role it out, free of charge if the leaders will change from their current oppressive system for the democratic alternative. Along with the brand an endearing open letter has been penned to North Korea outlining the benefits of a democratic system and the reasoning behind love as the new identity's basis. Although merely for fun, the simple update to North Korea’s identity is beautifully done with whimsical notes in the form of a chopped up K and O joining together to create a heart shape. This form is then used on the new flag, and across the new North Korean currency and government collateral. Blue and red are used to their fullest with graphic illustrations, bold type and marbled paint that come together to create a bold and playful identity.

As well as the new brand, Snask are calling out for others to join the campaign by downloading their free stencil which allows you to make your statement anywhere in the world by graffitiing the campaign heart mark. You can find that on the Love-Is-Korea site here along with the entire brand campaign.

Now that North Korea has been successfully harmonised what's next? Maybe it’s time for Snask to tackle Trump?!

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