Maiko Takeda’s otherworldly headdresses



Maiko Takeda is a milliner and jewellery designer whose pieces are more like wearable art, or sculptural forms for the body, than anything you would call a “hat” or “necklace.” She has created a niche for herself in the industry with her spiky creations. Each adornment is created from acrylic pieces held together by metal loops. The transparent plastic prickles are embedded within, sticking out in a cloud of ethereal porcupine armour. The quills are partly painted, producing hovering layers of colour.

Some of the pieces sit as headdresses in the traditional sense, but most toe the line of what we are accustomed to seeing as decorative headwear. They often cover the wearer’s face, either partially, or completely, like a helmet. This produces a somewhat hostile effect, as the we cannot see the eyes behind the mask, but assume that the wearer can direct their gaze towards us. It can be seen as an empowering piece of wear, simultaneously attracting and deflecting unwanted attention for the woman’s body.

Takeda’s masterpieces look otherworldly and futuristic, and it is no wonder that they have found favour with Bjork. The designer has already worked for the likes of Stephen Jones, Philip Treacy, and Issey Miyake, and it certain that she will continue to develop innovative work. Maiko Takeda’s website has not been updated much recently, but her Tumblr showcases regular news updates.