Make Enemies & Gain Fans — the learnings of Snask



I wrote about Snask's cover of crafted typography for The Washington Post Magazine a few months ago. The project is exemplary of their inventive spirit and loud aesthetic. This studio of fearless creatives flaunt their glittering personalities and long flowing hair in the face of old school agencies and besuited grey haired men of the ‘snooze-worthy-concept’ and ‘design-by-committee’ variety. Snask take a stand on what they believe matters in the design world: strong (even polarizing) opinions, having fun, making kick-ass work and being friendly and awesome, amongst other things. If you want to know what it is they really believe, instead of my personal interpretation, then you can read their book Make Enemies & Gain Fans.

Make Enemies & Gain Fans, first published in 2012, is a monograph of learnings gleaned throughout the studio's younger years. The first print-run sold out within a year and a second edition was recently published by August Dreebach Verlag. This version of the book is updated with examples of recent work, additional wisdom gathered since 2012, and a new cover. A shiny, golden, gleaming cover that makes it difficult to keep one's dirty paws off, thereby tainting its perfect surface with smeared fingerprints. Alas, a book is made to be read. Sacrifices must be made—no salty, oily potato chips are to be snacked on while enjoying the Snask tome. Beneath the metallic demeanor lies a treasure trove of advice from the founders, Fredrik Öst and Magnus Berg. The book is divided into three parts: some historical background, short texts that focus of particular wisdoms, and updates on Snask's current status. The writing contains some great advice for anyone looking for an extra kick up the proverbial to be brave, take a risk ,and make some great work, instead of settling on mediocrity and boredom. There are also plenty of silly anecdotes, amusing quips, beer and rock and roll.

Admire Snask's design, branding and film work here and snap up a copy of the book here. They have also made craft beer, started a record label, co-founded a festival and designed a bike. Pheeew.