Portfolio profile - Dan Sim



As mentioned a few weeks back, we are featuring Frontier portfolios that catch our eye or challenge us in some way. We want to see what you're creating and congratulate you for it!

Dan Sim's photography definitely made us take a closer look. His work is filled with mystery and narrative. There is a darkness present in his imagery which we quite like. We couldn't help but feel as if we were looking at still shots from a David Lynch film when flicking through his portfolio. This work doesn't explain everything to the viewer, rather it leaves you to fill in the gaps and create your own story. The 3 shots above were ones that stood out to us, but there are a few other eerie numbers in his portfolio that are definitely worth a look (i.e. the ominous character in the garage and at the greenhouse! What's he up to?).

Dan, good work. We'll be in touch to send you a wee prize for your efforts!

Remember, you too can be featured here. Upload new work to your portfolios as we'll be looking regularly. We want to give a big thumbs up to the work you are creating!