Sandro Rybak’s charming creatures originated from a dream



Sandro Rybak is an illustrator and concept artist from Germany. His work is versatile, and he can apply his skills across different styles. From simple vintage-tinged sketchy 2D drawings, to detailed fantasy scenes, to 3D concept art, to stylised illustrations that could comfortably feature in an issue of Juxtapose magazine, or the like.

My favourite works of his are a series of character illustrations that feature a cohort of cranberry coloured creatures that are dubbed Homunculi. The simplified little humanoid characters appear to be contemplative and quiet. They are encased in transparent blue avatar suits, filled with alien looking plants — like transportable terrariums. Though illustrators are a-plenty online these days, these works possess a magical charm that caught my eye. It’s the colour palette, the dreamy textures that fade in and out just enough to give the impression of vapour-like lightness. The buttermilk yellow background is off-colour enough to be memorable. Perhaps the reason why these illustrations linger is the fact that the artist did come to these images in a dream — somewhat paradoxically, it gives them a more tangible quality.

Find more of Sandro Rybak’s charming work on Behance and his Tumblr.