Seulgi Kwon’s jewellery resembles life under the ocean




Seulgi Kwon is a Korean jewellery designer whose work could be mistaken for creatures plucked from the depths of the ocean floor. The jeweller has been working with unorthodox materials, such as silicone and real flower petals, for the past ten years. Kwon’s career began shortly after graduation from Kookmin University in Seoul, and has been accompanied by an illustrious list of exhibitions and awards.

Kwan’s work has been consistently influenced by organic forms — both at the micro level of cells and larger scales of organisms suggestive of existing creatures, but ultimately fantastical in form.

Silicone is the primary material that Seulgi Kwon’s works are anchored around. Though, you could be easily mislead to think that they are made from glass. Despite their fragile appearance, these elaborate pieces of work are actually very robust. They can be squashed, bent and twisted every which way, and they will bounce back. In addition to the silicone, the designer uses stitching, feathers, plastic, and paper to add colour, texture, and to build up each piece into a unique adornment. Kwon’s work is sold through a number of galleries; the list is available here.