Shinsuke Fujii Architects’ house for book lovers



If you are someone who, as soon as you enter someone‘s living room, look for the closest bookshelf to browse, you will appreciate the design of this house in Shinyoshida by Shinsuke Fujii Architects. The entire design of the building is anchored around the positioning of a floor to ceiling bookshelf. This feature also makes itself known as being of primary importance to the rest of the structure from the exterior: it protrudes at a sharp angle, pointing the building’s high ceiling towards the sky.

Inside, the bookshelf becomes a feature wall that brings together the split-level sections of the open space: the lounge at the top and dining room space down the flight of steps. Here, the kitchen is partially sectioned off by a black structure that conceals the utilitarian space. It still makes itself known by its contrast to the warm wood that dominates the rest of the interior. An eclectic number of different types of wood fills the space: pale walls, lilac-tinged steps, and dark brown floors. The books and knick-necks that have found their places on the bookshelf bring colour and variety to an otherwise tranquil, ordered space. See more peaceful homes on the architects’ website here.