Slip Away: Perfume Genius



Perfume Genius, aka Mike Hadreas, will be releasing his fourth studio album in May. The first single of the album is the texturally rich Slip Away with accompanying video by acclaimed director Andrew Thomas Huang

Hadreas’ music is known for it’s sonic intimacy, simultaneously bringing together sombre undertones with dramatic and powerful lifts. His work typically draws from life experience dealing with subjects surrounding sexuality, his personal struggle with Crohn’s disease and physical abuse. His Album Too Bright was seen as a new trajectory in his career, employing a stronger tone than the previous Put Your Back N 2 It. Songs such as Queen established a tonality of strength and power while remaining undoubtedly personal and touching.

No Shape is the yet to be released fourth album and Slip Away is already gaining rave reviews. Slip Away continues the power of Too Bright but in a more romantic and panoramic way. The full bodied arrangements echo the anthems of the 80’s, but with the intimate angst he’s so expert in capturing. The track delves into a blood-sister type relationship that can occur between a female friend and a gay male. The video begins in an overtly romantic setting, complete with hazy vignettes and blossoming trees. The pair act as if connected, their friendship in the end being pursued and tormented by two Trump-like, villainous children.

Andrew Thomas Huang, whose work for the likes of Björk usually bends towards the surreal, created a overly romantic environment in which the themes could unravel. The looping setups see the pair in a sort of whirlpool of imagery that spirals around and around until eventually becoming unhinged. It’s a much looser visual experience from Huang but one that fits the exuberant personality of Hadreas himself.

No Shape drops on May 5. Click here to read a full interview with Huang on the Slip Away video.