Snask Get Raw



It is no secret that we love a bit of Snask around here. We have featured projects from the Swedish branding agency several times before. Be it editorial work, a book of vocational wisdom, a paper city, a dictatorship rebrand, or an identity for glasses, the studio injects some of their special brand of pizzazz into every project.

Get Raw, a snacker bar company, approached Snask for a full suite of branding. The designers have responded by wrapping the delectable morsels into equally delicious packaging. Get Raw makes health bars that are free from any nasty thing you can imagine. They are organic, vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free. The nutrient dense bars come in four flavours: Raspberry Almond, Chocolate Walnut, Caramel Hazelnut, and Licorice Almond. Snask have designed Get Raw packaging that is confident and honest, a touch cheeky, and suitably “no-frills” at the same time. Hand-written typography has had its hey-day, but here, paired with a friendly humanist sans-serif and bright, powdery colours that will stand out against their competition on the shelf, it does the job nicely. Keep up with all the goodness from Snask on their website.