Snask transforms the Washington Post Magazine



Snask are a creative agency based in Sweden, but don't expect pristine white space or modernist minimalism here. These characteristics have become so entrenched in the identity of Scandinavian design they had to inspire rebellion sometime. Snask have made it their mission to become the polar opposite of functionalism and sparsely populated grids. The name translates to candy, filth and gossip, which should give you an idea of their attitude. Their work is a visual explosion of colour, texture and form. They make videos, design books, craft identities and painstakingly shot stop-motion animations. They'll try their hand at anything, as long as it isn't boring.

The Washington Post magazine insert recently had the privilege of being graced by one of Snask's designs. After considering over 40 agencies for the design of their readers’ favourites issue, the newspaper settled on the Swedes. The team answered the brief with a handcrafted set of letters, spelling out the word ‘favourites’. The design of each letter corresponds to the themes of the different lists of favourite activities and places published in the magazine. It's fun to try to figure out how each of the letters was made. From plasticine sausages, to neon tubes, to splattered paint and cut stone, the execution is flawless. A cover that holds so many different elements could easily come out a mess in less skilled hands, but Snask manage to strike a delicate balance and maintain hierarchy. The colour selection helps to create visual harmony, while maintaining the agency's signature exuberant personality and nailing the brief.

Snask's portfolio is full of expertly crafted work and their love of making things by hand is evident. Click here for more inspiration.