'The Cloud' Event Centre



The ongoing 2011 Rugby World Cup is the largest event that New Zealand has ever hosted, as well as a source of tremendous pride for the rugby-mad nation. Warwick Bell and Simon Hakaraia are the duo that were tasked with creating an entertainment zone where the celebrations are to be held.

Their vision was a huge cloud-shaped structure built from PVC fabric and steel, aptly named 'The Cloud.' It is a delightfully clever design, which when viewed from afar appears to float on the waterfront. Maori named New Zealand 'Aotearoa' (meaning 'land of the long white cloud') because when they approached the shoreline all they could see was the surrounding mist.

The Cloud has cost $9.8 million to build and is capable of hosting 15,000 people. It will be lit up for the revelers on 9th September, and will display the country's technological innovation as much as its sporting passion.