The Future by Truba Animation



The Future is a short animated film that presents a bleak view of the coming years. The animation is set in a time that is, hopefully, far away. If we makes some big moves on mitigating climate change it may not come at all. However, a positive outcome seems unlikely if we continue conduction business-as-usual, so desperation may well take hold. Let’s hope we don’t end up like the characters of The Future.

The setting is a pinkish desert landscape. A lone man, who incidentally looks like a caricature of a banker, with his plump cheeks and tiny hat, stumbles through the emptiness. Bright red and shiny, he is obviously sunburned. There is one particular scene, which shows just how parched he is, that made my skin crawl. You’ll see. Suddenly, he notices a fellow dehydrated inhabitant hiding out under a rock. “Water” is a word that leaves both people’s lips over and over again. They are both looking for a drink on a planet that has dried up. In a twist to the brief story, it turns out that the feeble sheltered man is not quite who he was pretending to be — but then neither is our protagonist.

The animation style is, in contrast to the harrowing story, quite beautiful. The animator, Greg Sharp of Truba Animation, has achieved a watercolour effect —an ironic touch— though it looks like it has been done digitally. Truba Animation is a newly formed studio who have put up a wonderful suite of quirky and colourful animations on their website so far. Check them out here.