The Gift Hotel by Six N. Five



Looking through the portfolio of Six N. Five is a real treat. It puts into context a number of images that you might’ve seen floating around various design sites, connecting the aesthetic dots if you will, that have been carefully laid out by this talented studio. Images like the mannequin-legs wearing sport socks, positioned on a plinth, and dusted in a chalky gradient for fashion brand, Uniqlo. Or the beautifully designed Laufen that documents the Sonar Collection by Patricia Urquiloa by creating various representations of water. Their work is striking in both their usage of colour and their ability to construct an image.

Six N. Five is the brainchild of Andy Reisinger and Ezequiel Pini, who operate as a contemporary art duo specialising in still life visuals with a clean modern aesthetic. Their work consists of both advertising and editorial commissions as well as experimental, non-purposeful CGI. Their aim is to legitimise CGI as a new medium for creative expression - something that has well and truly been accepted in the design world, but still struggles to be recognised in an art context.

The work they produce is slick. Soft pastels are combined with strong graphics and candy-coloured gradients. It’s visually yummy to look at, with textures that range from fluffy furs to perforated PVC’s. The work above for fashion brand Massimo Dutti features five accessories from the labels new collection. The film takes us through various set ups where yoga matts, magnifying glasses, pulleys and balancing balls lead us into particular setups to showcase the items. Again, Six N. Five nail the colours and materials with strong tones punctuating the pastel palette, and a wonderful mix of rubber and velvet that features throughout. It also shows their deft approach to animation - simple, but perfectly executed and oh-so-cool in attitude.