The kitchen of the future



Master of Design students from the Domus Academy were recently challenged to rethink and redesign kitchen appliances. Electrolux, the second largest home manufacturer in the world, mentored the students during this 'ReSource Project.' The focus of the ReSource Project was to develop sustainable solutions that paid attention to the current socio-cultural changes, and used existing technology.

Sustainability and cultural changes were both crucial factors for the students to consider because of the increasing lack of available resources. The kitchen is also a changing environment where multi-tasking is ever important in a fast-paced lifestyle. Nine innovative designs were created which incorporated these factors. Dante Donegani, Director of Masters in Design at Domus Academy, described the designs as "models that redefine the aesthetic qualities of objects: the kitchen finds new life with new presences and renewed identities."

Bruno Lizotte, designer at Electrolux who tutored the students and was responsible for their design reviews appreciated the experience. "The students' enthusiasm lead to great dynamism in designing the applicances and to a contiuous research of new solutions for the kitchen."