The Law of Past Experience



Studio Nucleo have created an exhibition of contradictions and mind bending technical achievements. The exhibition, The Law of Past Experience centres around certain pieces that were lifted from furnishings of a 1940’s apartment, that have in turn been subverted in a number of various ways.

The concept behind the works comes from two sources, one being the computer science term, Boolean that signifies that a data type has two possible values: 0 (false) and 1 (true). This concept has been applied to these household objects that on one hand serve a valid purpose (true) and on the other have been obstructed to the point of impossible use (false). It’s the same sort to strange dichotomy that artist Doris Salcedo explored with her similarly concreted pieces of furniture. Here however the slip between use and un-use is even more tenuous, with the possibility of both options seeming possible.

The second reference is found in the title, The Law of Past Experience, one of the best known principles of Gestalt psychology. This law postulates that when faced with unfamiliar visual stimulus, our brain tries to makes sense of it by seeing shapes or figures as according to our mnemonic vocabulary. A reason perhaps, as to why when faced with such incongruous objects, we still describe them as chair, table, plate.

Studio Nucleo