The Let Go



The Park Avenue Armory’s summer installations have become a focal point of the summer season of art in New York. These large-scale installations draw comparative crowds to what the Tate Modern has achieved with it’s spectacular Turbine Hall, changing the dynamic of the typical gallery/ visitor relationship.

This summer, the Armory is hosting a performative installation by artist Nick Cave. Cave is a sculptor, dancer and performance artist who is best known for his ornately designed Soundsuits: wearable fabric sculptures that move and make noise as the dancer performs.

For his installation at the Armory, Cave has created ‘The Let Go’, a celebration of performance and community that invites visitors to “let go” and speak their minds, work out frustrations, celebrate community and independence through movement and dance.

The large hall is decorated with giant mylar drops in a myriad of colours, under which an equally colourful calendar of performances occur. The installation is broken into two sections – on weeknights, Cave orchestrates a cast of dancers in brightly coloured, flamboyant soundsuits in his Up Right performances. Practitioners perform new site-situated choreography by Cave and dancer and choreography Francesca Harper, that celebrate self-determination.

On weekends, community groups, yoga practitioners, hula-hoopers, church choirs and school groups are invited to express themselves within the space to music by some of New York’s leading DJs. As well as this, Cave has choreographed a simple dance for visitors to learn and perform, a sort of open choreography to initiate a community wide “letting go”.

‘The Let Go’ runs until 01 July.

Photography: Jame Ewing