Treewow Villa



An undulating cabin has been designed by architecture studio Monoarchi in the mountain village of Zhongcun in China’s Zhejiang Province. The accommodation facility is run by Xband Club as a private retreat where guests can escape and cocoon themselves in the waving folds of the wooden building.

Taking inspiration from the rounded hillsides of the region, Monoarchi created a striking round roof made from three oscilating bands of wooden shingles. This circular motion wraps the structure and continues indoors with a spiralling layout that becomes more private as you circle into it’s core. The rise and fall of the roof also mirrors the way guests move throughout the space, with the various spaces placed on different levels meaning that ascension and descension become a part of living in the house. The decision to build a multi-tiered structure also means that intimate spaces were created, allowing for even more opportunities for retreat, as well as creating multiple viewpoints of the surrounding landscape.

The interior and exterior were expertly crafted using local craftsmen, a relationship the architects fostered in order to achieve a balance between design form and local construction techniques. The roof itself utilises 57 wooden trusses of varying lengths, resulting in an eave that dips and rises again creating unique panoramas of hillsides, rivers and bamboo forests.