Triumfalnaya Square by Buromoscow Architects



Triumfalnaya square is located at the crossing of Moscow’s main street Tverskaya with the Garden Ring. Buromoscow design has been chosen as a result of a first open competition for a public square in Moscow in 2013. The competition aimed at bringing back to life city square by Soviet architect Chechulin built in 1958, that in the last years became a transit space, half occupied by parking. 

The plot was divided into two zones – a rectangular open square and a lilac garden, enclosed by walls, that helps shape the street crossing. The square surface had a strong inclination, which made the use of it rather difficult. By flattening the surface and raising the edge, the square became detached from a busy street. Triumfalnaya square is historically a place for rendezvous, a romantic place in the city. Instead of benches, there is a long row of 2 persons swings. 

From a space of transit, it turned into a space of stay, being always full of people - meeting up, having coffee, concert goers, skateboarders, vapers, musicians. It immediately became very popular with Moscovites queueing any time of the day, in summer or winter to use the swings.

Via: Buromoscow Architects