Yuma Kano’s Rust Harvest Furniture




Studio Yumakano is a Tokyo based one-man design force, who has a fascinating way of looking at the world. Before starting his own studio, he worked an as assistant to one of my favourite Japanese artists: Yasuhiro Suzuki. Suzuki has a unique, almost child-like take on the world. He sees subtle glints of magic in the most ordinary of things, and quickly translates many of his observations into artworks. Yuma Kano has a similarly light touch. He has designed furniture, light bulbs, and installations.

In his most intriguing recent project, he has developed  a unique approach of transferring rust to acrylic panels. Kano came to appreciate the rust that manufacturers have been trying to eliminate from machines and buildings throughout the ages. Kano has turned rust “harvesting” into a craft. He has learned to create rust of different patterns and colours. This work is a kind of collaboration with the natural world, born of extensive experimentation with different metals and materials. Once the metal has been exposed to the elements, and has gathered an adequate amount of rust, player of acrylic resin is used to subsume it onto its surface. Then, he uses these panels to make translucent furniture that shows off the special qualities of this natural process without putting its longevity in danger.

The Rust Harvest Furniture series combines the acrylic panels with untreated types of metals that were used to create the rusted acrylic components of the items. Textures and colours collide and form surprisingly harmonious feature objects. Discover more about Yuma Kano’s process in the video below.