microNARRATIVE - Video Competition - Entries closed

The deadline has been extended to 24th of March 2016!

As is our long standing traditon, we've teamed up with the Outdoor Vision Fest (®) at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design to bring you an exciting new video challenge.

Respond to our creative brief by making a short video. The grand prize this year is a top-of-the-line GoPro Hero 4 Black camera! This is our way to inspire you to create more amazing footage wherever and whenever you want. On top of this, the 20 best entries will be featured at Outdoor Vision Fest and all year around the SFUAD campus.

The Brief
This year we want you to TELL A microNARRATIVE. You may use live-action. 2D or 3D animation. Motion graphics. We don’t really care. Just tell a short short story and create an unforgettable experience for us!

What’s in a micronarrative? Most of the time, a clear-cut protagonist with a goal, and some obstacles in his or her way. A beginning, middle and end. And at the end, the protagonist is just a little bit different than he or she was at the beginning.

The deadline is 24th of March 2016.

Here are a few tips for your 1-minute (or less) film.

And some examples:

TV commercials often employ micronarratives to engage the viewer. They’ll have much bigger budgets than you’ll have. But they’ll illustrate more of what we’re looking for: unspooling a story we care about. Here are some examples:

While our examples are primarily live-action, we encourage animation and motion graphics equally!

Requirements and technical specifications
Read carefully to make sure your entry qualifies!

Title and Credits:
A single “card” that can be at the beginning or the ending of the piece. You should include the running time of your title and credits in your overall running time… (As an example, a 60-second piece that has a 5-second hold on an end card is actually a 65-second piece.)


  • Your creation must run between 15 and 60 seconds: it cannot run over 60 seconds.
  • Your creation may contain non-sync sound (and we encourage rich audio design!), but it should have the capability of being displayed solely as a silent piece (this will be an aspect of the judging).
  • Non-sync dialog is OK, but we encourage you to create a visual experience. Actions, behaviors and moving images: they should advance your creation.
  • Your creation should contain your original content only: no repurposing of proprietary or public domain content.

Content for Delivery:

  • Creation & Delivery Format: 1080p24 using the ProRes 422 codec
  • Upload Format: Vimeo
  • Frame Size: 1920 x 1080
  • Frame Rate: 24 fps

Judging Criteria:

  • Does the piece fit the basic parameters (running between 15-60 seconds [61 seconds is too long!], non-sync sound, 24fps, 1920x1080 frame size)?
  • Does the piece work well when sound is taken away?
  • Is there overall visual coherency to the piece? If it’s a narrative piece, does it have a beginning, middle and end?
  • Is the piece unique in any way? (Rather than merely derivative of popular media.) Does it express a singular voice and talent?