Rewind - video challenge - Entries closed

Entries have now closed. Feel free to have a look at the submissions! Judging is now in progress.
The best entries will be selected to be part of the amazing video installations at Outdoor Vision Fest, and of course the best of the best entrant will receive a full scholarship to the ArtFest15 creative summer workshops with flights included.
The Brief was
We have an exciting brief for your video! The challenge is called Rewind because we want you to TELL A STORY IN REVERSE.
You may use live-action. 2D or 3D animation. Motion graphics. Is it a (reverse) narrative or something abstract, conceptual? We don’t really care. Just tell a story in reverse and create an unforgettable experience for us!
What is Outdoor Vision Fest?
Santa Fe University of Art and Design's annual Outdoor Vision Fest (OVF) spotlights environmental and interactive projections using live-action video, animation, photography, motion graphics, and other media, all experienced in outdoor spaces of the University's renowned Visual Arts Center. Find out more at:
What is ArtFest?
ArtFest is a unique three weeks summer program for college-age and high school students from all over the world, celebrating creativity and innovation, hosted by the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Their mission is to deliver life-changing experiences with the freedom to explore, experiment, learn, grow and share ideas with members of one global creative community. See more here: