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Argentinian Fashion Designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 2012. Actually working in a recognized fashion brand here as Design and Product Assistant.
Willing to open myself to the international in order to enrich my creativity and bachelor knowledge.
Not only passioned for good fashion design but also interested in other close areas such as accessories, graphic design, industrial design and photography; I strongly believe in interdisciplinary work !

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final project / brand presentation
DISIMIL is a postmodern luxury brand which departs from the observation of a sociocultural trend / habit: CUSTOMIZING -objects, furniture, contemporary art, etc-. As a result, dynamism and personalization are main concepts.
these are brought to life through the marriage of nightwear and sportwear, tailoring and knitwear.
my first collection found its inspiration in an Argentinian artist of the ยด90s (Beto de Volder) and in synchronized swimming-