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May 11th 2015. This film was made by me showcasing my skills in Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, Animating, Editing and Post Productions work. This was done in Maya 2015, After Effects and Photoshop. Special thanks to the creator of Andy Rig, John Double Stein and Dan Romer for the music


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This is my final project for the Level 6 NZSE 3D animation Diploma.

It's the story about a failed actor who had lost someone very close to him.

In the process of grieving, one could take weeks and months to recover; for Bryson (The Protagonist), it's taking years.

Being succumbed to a life of heavy drinking, the once famed actor contemplates on where life has taken him.

Looking now at his own reflection, Bryson decides he must be brave and venture out to take control of the life he had lost; and to find a new path. With eyes set to the future, he walks into the light, leaving all the remnants of his past behind