800 years of oppression

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800 years of oppression
800 years of oppression


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I wanted to capture the relentless light of the Irish people that cut through 800 years of oppression.

This photograph, of a prison cell, was taken in Kilmainham Gaol with an iPhone.

I used the keyhole of the cell door to frame the mattress and draw the viewer into the cell. I wanted to capture the key light meeting the mattress - the light of
the Irish people in the midst of oppression.

I metered from where the light meets the mattress to darken the image. I did this by touching and holding the phone screen at this point until the phone automatically adjusted.

In photoshop, I increased the contrast and adjusted to create a black and white image to exaggerate the intensity between light and dark, hope and despair, and draw out the dire mood of the cell.