A friend for dinner

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Born in Benevento/22 years ago/eating pomegranates/drawings on walls/running in the fields/stories of witches/Greek theatre/street theatre/Classic High School/unexpected meeting/Milan/NABA/raging curiosity/incomparable nocturnal coffee/researcher of possibility/new life in Turkey/daily loves/busy 24 hrs a day in following improbable visions

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Year 2011
Workshop Tastefull, Onirica Lab.
with Formafantasma
time 5 days
The project is inspired to cannibalism practiced by native tribes but it becomes a metaphor of human relationships. Symbolically I made these masks edible by using ingredients such as bread, oil, salt and olives. The project indicates a new rituality in food that becomes decoration, but it had been a symbol before. Nourishment becomes a metaphorically violent act: the "other" is literally devoured.