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I had chosen mine. Not an Artist, nor a Designer, nor an Illustrator, nor a Genius, neither Poet, nor an Author, neither Palmist, nor a Mentalist, nor a Wizard, nor Gypsy, nor Conjurer, nor Wind, nor a Preacher, nor Atheist, neither Speed, nor a soldier, nor Inventor, neither Lyricist, nor Abundant, nor a Storyteller, nor Writer, neither Superficial, nor loved, nor Light, nor Life, nor a Philosopher, nor a painter, nor Wanderer, nor Hypnotist, nor Photographer, nor Writer, neither Venom or Phantom..... I am just RANDOM

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An Artist is Someone who sees not only Butterfly Beautiful. The theme is the depiction in itself of an artist who sees not only beautiful things beautifully but is the one who can perceive ugly in a beautiful manner. So to quote, all the stages previous to a butterfly, i.e egg, caterpillar, moth have been created and depicted in a beautiful manner making them look as beautiful as a butterfly itself.