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Jess is a multidisciplinary designer/Artist/Illustrator with studio experience across print, branding, packaging, Art, Illustration, web, digital, product & textiles. She is also a freelance illustrator/artist having exhibited at numerous galleries and undertaken commercial work.

With a background in Graphic Design, Jess approaches design with a carefully considered foundation of function and strategic rationale. Her aim is to deliver work that is not only visually pleasing and precise, but communicates clear and sincere messages.

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This work concentrates on one person - my younger brother. It looks at his experiences and who he is becoming and, more widely, the vulnerability of young males in country villages. I have used a combination of painting and photomedia, painting in a loose style using “wet on wet” watercolour techniques to create washes of different flesh tones and then manipulating the images. I switch backwards and forwards between the two media, applying different layers of painted surfaces, text and textural surfaces. The use of found textures, with red as a symbol of vulnerability in its RAW state, creates textural richness and depth of form.