Artificial Intelligence - An Ethical Manifesto

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Hi, I am currently completing my final year in the Bachelor of Media Design Course at Media Design School and have currently been doing freelance work from time to time. I love my movies, TV shows and Video Games. I enjoy Photo Manipulation and creating videos and animations.

I studied CAD (Computer Aided Design) for two years at CPIT and Digital Post Production at New Zealand Broadcasting School and Motion Graphics and Visual Effects at Media Design School. I love working with technology and learning new thing.

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An Ethical Manifest Booklet
Artificial Manifesto


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The outcome of this project was to create an Ethical Manifesto based on a topic of choice and represent it through a poster or booklet. I decided to explore the topic of Artificial Intelligence and specific principles that would be needed in a future where AI have reached the level of Humans so that both are able to exist together in unity.

I chose to create a booklet as I wanted to create an Illustration that represented each of my chosen principles.

I created each illustration in Photoshop and then created the booklet using InDesign.

I hope you enjoy.