AZURA Lamp Shade

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I'm an aspiring designer who has a great passion for design in a diverse range of categories, however my main passion lies within interior design. I have skills within Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, and enjoy putting portfolios together through these mediums to accompany my projects. Putting together concept boards and sketching my ideas is only the beginning, I also enjoy producing these ideas into real life projects.

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Evidently, the lamp shade was inspired by the theme of 'futurism'. I've adopted geometric shapes and a monochromatic colour scheme with the addition of metallic gold to convey this. The pyramid shape of the lamp shape was constructed using an environmentally friendly plastic, polypropylene, and cut on a laser cutter to achieve crisp lines and a professional finish. The repetition of triangular shapes not only further emphasises the theme of futurism but creates a flattering pattern on the walls when lit up. The lamp shade can be placed over any base and can be folded up, making it a perfect addition for someone who regularly moves houses, thus providing flexibility. As pictured a concrete base has been used to demonstrate this, which creates an overall contemporary look that still maintains a futuristic element, making it the perfect statement piece to a bedroom or living room.