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Creative professional with over 10 years experience within the fashion and retail industry.

After graduating in 2013 from QUT with a Bachelor of Mass Communication, I found it extremely overwhelming and difficult to find a job that aligned with my skills and creative abilities.

In 2015, I launched my first sandal label 'Hannelli Sandals'. I am not a designer by trade, but I am continually inspired by fashion and design and wanted to test my abilities. My creative eye kicked in, and I had an 'aha' moment where I started designing sandals on paper which I translated onto Microsoft Powerpoint to send to my manufacturer (I am enrolled in Graphic Design so I can learn how to properly use appropriate programs). The logistics of running a small business from home without any financial help led to the unfortunate closure of Hannelli Sandals. Although I felt like I failed, I have no regrets as I have proved that I am a capable designer with so much to offer the creative industry.

Project media

Bonita Bambino Board shorts!
Bonita Bambino Board shorts!


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Project details


Bonita Bambino is a collection of children’s wear that represents everything a childhood should be - bright, happy and playful! These board shorts were designed for the Bonita Bambino Summer 2019 Range. I collaborated with my brother, Creative Director of Bonita Collective to create a unique print. This image was put together for social media purposes and uses painted strokes in this background image placing emphasis on the brands unique hand painted qualities.