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SCGC Brochure


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Project details


Conceptual Statement

The SCGC is a club that started last year and its members are students who enjoy playing card games or table-top games. There currently aren’t enough dedicated members because some are either too shy to join or is unaware of such a club.

To bring more awareness and re-introduce the club to students at SC so more people that are interested will join the SCGC using a physical product.

Outcome Overview
Creating a small booklet to provide information of the club to attract more members into joining SCGC.

Client information
SC Gaming Club, a school club at SC that started last year. They provide a venue for the practice of board-, card-, and other forms of social tabletop games. Forming a community consisting of students and teachers, who wants to learn a tabletop game for fun / for their pastime or to hang out and with their friends or meeting new people with the same hobbies.