Cantuccio urbano

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Born in Benevento/22 years ago/eating pomegranates/drawings on walls/running in the fields/stories of witches/Greek theatre/street theatre/Classic High School/unexpected meeting/Milan/NABA/raging curiosity/incomparable nocturnal coffee/researcher of possibility/new life in Turkey/daily loves/busy 24 hrs a day in following improbable visions

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Year 2012
"Un designer per le imprese"
Carpet Competition
First prize
Brand - Warli
Time - 5 months
When did we last lie down on the ground? ?On an abstract island to get concentrated, on a carpet which is a space in time, it is a re-appropriation of one's own time, to share it with other people. The fruition of the horizontal, low plane is increasingly escaping our rituals. ? With the term "Cantuccio Urbano" I wanted to create a communicative object, an installation evocative of ancient suggestions. ? A change in the perception of carpets so that they are not limited to the function of mere ornamental objects but are rediscovered as active sites where people can find again a perfect harmony. So the transformation become a return to the archetype , a return to the memory of lullabies and fairy-tales, to body postures we are no more used to take. ? This circular carpet – with a diameter of 3,50 m – moves from a woman, who is the center of the story and the love told. An invitation to lay down, in the squares, in a park, under a monument, a mermaid song that can seduce us and persuade us to stop and relax for a while. ? The carpet is one of those objects that can take care of us, we have only to be able to live it again, and not only to step on it.