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A day of bush racing
A day of bush racing


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Hi, I'm Em - A member of the Carrathool community. We live 30km from Carrathool, NSW which has a population of 99 people. I am on the Carrathool Jockey Club committee and normally we outsource all of the design, but I have given it a crack and we are printing 100 A3 posters and will be distributing them to our surrounding areas (150km radius).

I am proud to be able to volunteer my new skills (and hopefully by the end of the degree I will be able to make it better each year that I design it).

Sometimes small isolated communities lack a sense of design and flare and I hope that throughout my studies that I can bring life, design and flare to my community and other outback and isolated communities.

So I am excited for my future design studies, the endless learnings and of course the Carrathool Races!

Thanks, Em