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Lover of technology, new trends, art in general.
I'm always looking around curiously, and every new discovery is an excuse
to improve myself, and to get new skills.
I carry with me since my childhood the passion for drawing
applied after to the graphic design.
Over the years I became a lover of photography and calligraphy
now companions of every day life.
Curiosity and desire to learn: this is what allowed me to be able
to always get the intended objective.
Attentive, fast and accurate, as much as in executing than in creative thinking.
Friendliness and spontaneity allow me to perform at their best works in team, resourcefullness and decision allow me to complete projects successfully.I’m capable in different fields, from Motion Graphics to Web Design, but I give my best in Brand Design and Art Direction.

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Design and creation of visual identity, logotype and pictogram of Cerealnet company, manufacturers of wheat seeds with high performance of production.